«I have seen miracles happen in Jesus’ name, and have clearly witnessed God transform the lives of many people. I was able to lead 60 people to Christ in and around the village I live in.”

God has been working powerfully through Sujit, a church leader from rural India. He experienced persecution from his family when he first became a Christian – he was even kicked out of their home and forced to flee his home village. But that didn’t put him off. He went on to study the Bible for three years, and soon he was leading others to Christ as well.

He has been caring for this flock of believers for 15 years, and last year they decided to build a church building so they would have somewhere big enough to meet all together. Sujit says, “We were so happy and excited that we would have a separate place to worship, but they never let it happen.”

Who are ‘they’? RSS, the Hindu extremist group who have vowed to free India of Christians and Muslims by the end of 2021.

Sujit says, “When we began the construction of the church, one of the well known people in the village (who is also a retired army officer) made a false complaint to the RSS leaders that we were luring people to Christianity using money. After this, the RSS groups from other villages made many visits to our village, conducted meetings with the villagers and instigated the Hindus against us. Thereafter, there were constant attacks on the construction sites.”