The Christian Alliance of Evangelical Churches of the Argentine Republic (ACIERA) held on Saturday September 15 a free intensive training session called «Gender Issues and Sexual Education» in the auditorium of the Príncipe de Paz Christian Center. It had a large federal convocation where hundreds of Christians from different provinces arrived, Buenos Aires Conurbano and Buenos Aires neighborhoods.

Different delegations were joined the large meeting room located in Bolivar 975, in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. A warm reception provided by the hosts to the representatives of Tierra del Fuego, Rio Negro, Formosa, Mendoza, Misiones, Catamarca, Cordoba, Neuquén, Entre Rios, Santa Fe, La Pampa, Corrientes and Chaco. The same happened with the visitors of Carmen de Areco, Bahía Blanca, San Nicolás, Mar del Plata, Baradero, Arrecifes, Virrey del Pino, Pergamino, Captain Sarmiento, Luján, Campana, Zárate, La Plata, Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires.

The meeting where these topics of relevant relevance were addressed had as speakers the Spanish Juan Varela, theologian and President of the Family Training Institute (INFA); Dr. Mabel Borghetti, specialist in clinical psychology; Dr. Ana María Parini, doctor graduated from the UBA, specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics and master in bioethics; Dr. Jael Ojuel, specialist in reproductive medicine, gynecology and obstetrics; and Pastor Osvaldo Carnival, of the Cathedral of the Faith Church, Vice President of the Union of the Assemblies of God (UAD) and coordinator of Argentina We Pray for You (AOXV).

The epilogue of the conclave was in charge of the president of ACIERA, Pastor Rubén Proietti, a space where the document prepared by the Alliance on comprehensive sexual education was publicly read. He also celebrated with the attendees the 19th anniversary of the first act of prayer in Buenos Aires Obelisco held on September 11, 1999 that brought together 250,000 souls; the 17th anniversary of the largest public prayer meeting also held in the obelisk on September 15, 2001 called «God wants a different nation», which brought together 400,000 people; and finally the 15th birthday of Passing the Torch.

On this he stressed that ACIERA supports and promotes this national space of unity for professionals and leaders under the age of 45, who have in common the call of God to share their profession and talents, participating in a work environment with people who think, feel and He acts with all the passion and can express his gifts in this proposal called «Passing the Torch». It is «a meeting point» that invites young Christians to provide valuable contributions, interact, contribute to produce and generate an active presence in all the sub systems of our society in favor of a socio-spiritual transformation with national coverage, based on the values ​​of the Word of God.

Here we share the full text about:


In view of the modifications proposed by the Education, Family, Women and Minority commissions to Law 26,150 of Comprehensive Sexual Education and its elevation for the treatment in the precincts of the Chamber of Deputies of the Honorable National Congress, we wish, as a Christian Alliance of Evangelical Churches of the Argentine Republic, express our position in this regard.

  1. We believe in the need for a comprehensive sexual education that encompasses the scientific, biological, psychological and social aspects in the understanding of one’s sexuality and that of the other within a framework of respect.
  2. We believe that a comprehensive sexual education helps to prevent gender violence, child abuse, unwanted pregnancies and especially those of early adolescence.
  3. We believe that a comprehensive sexual education makes the person more responsible in the use of their sexuality.
  4. We believe that the State has an unwavering responsibility in ensuring that comprehensive sexual education reaches everyone.

By virtue of the foregoing, we reaffirm what our current legislation says, together with the international treaties to which our country adheres:

  1. That every person has the right to education, which must be inspired by the principles of freedom, morality and solidarity (American Convention on Human Rights, Article 12).
  2. That integral education must occur «with the participation of social organizations and families» (Law 26.206, art 4).
  3. Who are responsible for the exercise and right to teach and learn: «The States, religious confessions, society and family organizations» (Law 26.206, art 6).
  4. That the family is «the natural and primary agent» of education (Law 26.206, art 6 and art 128 a).
  5. That parents have the right to choose for their children the educational institution whose ideology responds to their philosophical, ethical or religious convictions (Law 26.206, art 128 c).
  6. That privately managed education institutions have the right to approve the institutional educational project in accordance with their ideology and participate in educational planning (Law 26.206, Article 63 a).
  7. That in the process of preparing its institutional project each educational community will adapt the proposals within the framework of respect for their institutional ideology (Law 26,150, Article 5).

Despite what is expressed in the current legislation, and under the pretext that this is fulfilled, attempts are made to introduce significant changes to Law 26,150 of Comprehensive Sexual Education that seriously distorts its original meaning and intends to impose ideological content in an authoritarian manner. In this sense, they are extremely serious, among others:

  1. Transforming the law into an instrument of Public Order whose application should be mandatory.
  2. That the content will be provided by the Federal Council of Education and its implementation will be mandatory for all public schools of state and private management, confessional or non-denominational.

Given the seriousness of the legislation that tries to impose ideological sexual education, both nationally and provincially, we express OUR STRONGEST REJECTION to:

  1. The attempt to force the institutions to teach what does not agree with their ideals (contrary to what is established in art.5 of law 26,150).
  2. The totalitarian attempt to exclude parents when choosing sex education for their children. (according to art.18 inc, 4 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, article 12, inc.4 American Convention on Human Rights) .3. The attempt to introduce, within sex education, contents without a scientific basis that respond to an ideological construction, without counting on the participation of parents and social actors in its elaboration.

Sexuality is not a subject in a study program. It has to do with deep aspects of the human being to which the biological and deep ethical and religious convictions are added.

We defend a secular state of total independence from religious issues. For this same reason, just as we do not pretend that the State teaches according to our faith, we do not accept that the State wants to subjugate our convictions.

We firmly support our right to educate our children.

We pray to God to enlighten the legislators and those who occupy places of decision to exercise their mandates looking at the common good, respecting diversity and valuing the convictions of the citizens they represent.